Violet & Hawthorn’s Eco-friendly Holiday Shopping Guide

Violet & Hawthorn’s Eco-friendly Holiday Shopping Guide

Violet & Hawthorn’s Eco-friendly Holiday Shopping Guide

And just like that, Halloween is over and the holiday season is upon us! I know holiday shopping can definitely be a stressful thing for people, especially trying to find and choose environmentally friendly businesses on top of it all. During this time, where social responsibility is becoming more and more important, consumer’s expectations are high when it comes to businesses who claim to be environmentally friendly. The more transparent brands are with what products they use and how they run their business - the easier it is for us, as consumers, to make the best purchases for us as a whole and for our planet. Here at Violet & Hawthorn we put together a little guide to make it easier for you! 

Eco-Friendly Fabrics to Buy

  • Organic Cotton - This is one of the most natural fabrics out there; grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and processed with no chemicals.
  • Organic Bamboo - Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, considering when it’s harvested it can be done without killing the plant itself. It also consumes more CO2 than some trees. Make sure to look for organic bamboo in its purest form rather than plasticized bamboo which is known as bamboo rayon/viscose.
  • Tencel Lyocell - It is a semi-synthetic fabric produced from the pulp of eucalyptus trees which do not require much water or pesticides. The manufacturing of Lyocell is also more sustainable because it uses less water and occurs in a “closed loop system” where up to 99.5% of dissolving agents is reused.
  • Organic Hemp - This is high-yielding, it’s growth is healthy for soil and requires very little water. It is considered a carbon negative raw material since it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Recycled Cotton - This is produced using either post-industrial or post-consumer waste. Recycled cotton helps to prevent fast fashion waste from going into the landfill. The con to this is there is no certification to know for sure where the recycled cotton came from.

Find Honest Eco-Friendly Businesses to Buy From

Here are some businesses we at Violet & Hawthorn trust and LOVE! Go check them out!

Nothing Fancy Supply Co. - This is a woman owned eco-friendly business located here in the United States. She has come up with a solution to plastic waste that allows us to make a lasting impact with reusable, natural food storage. Did I mention it’s affordable?


The Mayan Collective - This small business’s motto is less machines, more humans. Handcrafted, fair trade, organic products that help support the Mayan Community. They have everything from candles, woven ring slings to motherhood apparel.


Bushel and a Peck - This brand is dedicated to high quality, simple ingredient products that provide results. No additives, fake preservatives, chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrances. It is a one stop shop for those who are venturing into changing their skincare routine to one that is simple and honest.


Wild Rye Soapery - Based out of Bend, Oregon this is a small business owned by two women that make handcrafted, artisan soaps and bath products.  Using ingredients like jojoba beads, teas, shea butter, sweet almond oil and more. Your skin will thank you!


Rhyme & Prose - This small shop makes adorable handmade clothing made from organic and natural fibers only. They support the idea of slow, ethical fashion while also giving us timeless clothing to choose from!


Green Toys  - These kid’s toys are safely made for your children and are also made from 100% recycled materials here in the U.S. Their system also diverts material from the landfills which saves energy and reduces their carbon footprint.


Pela - This company’s goal is to create a waste free future. They created the very first compostable phone case and then branched out from there. A truly transparent company - their products use 30% less carbon emissions, 34% less water usage and 80% less waste production.


Zero Zen - A family run business that focuses on home goods; they have compostable, biodegradable, vegan and zero waste options as well as items made from natural or organically grown materials.

Tip: One way to branch out and find new environmentally friendly companies for a specific item you’re looking for is to type in a hashtag into the Instagram search engine such as:

#sustainablefashion, #ecofriendlyproducts, #slowfashion, etc.

Make sure to look into what products they use and the process in which they’re made! Some companies claim to be green but are just using the label to attract an audience.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Before you head on over to any of the big chain businesses make sure to look around your home for any gift ideas - reuse your many boxes, tissue paper or bags that I’m sure you’ve stowed away in one of your closets like I have. Another great way to reuse products is by checking out your local thrift stores or local online marketplace. Not only will this save you a ton of money but it also will give new life to something that was fated for the landfill. I have found many gems from my local thrift stores and online marketplace that would have been three times more expensive if purchased new.

To shop with a conscious mindset can be quite the adjustment. We all want quality products, unique items and thoughtful gifts and hopefully this holiday shopping guide can show you that this can still be done without involving mindless impulsive purchases that hurt our wallets or our planet. Happy holiday shopping everyone!

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