Violet & Hawthorn was created to produce high quality, organic, eco-friendly children’s clothing. Each piece is handmade by myself in Bend Oregon where I live with my husband and 3 kiddos.  Here at Violet & Hawthorn we feel its super important to use only the most natural, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and packaging. Our clothing is meant to last, to be played in, to be dirtied, and then to be passed down through the family for years to come.
Hi , I'm Ariel. I grew up in a large family with limited funds. Both of my parents worked fulltime to support all 5 of their children. My mother was the rock of our family and spent her free time sewing. Whether it was making matching outfits for all of us to wear on Sundays or creative Halloween costumes, she always had us covered. I get my passion for family and creating from her.

For me, my love of sewing didn’t start until high school. I took a sewing class and learned a bunch of crazy sewing terms and even made a couple of my school dance outfits. After high school I didn’t really sew again until I met my husband and started having kids. When my oldest was eight months old I made her a fluffy lamb costume and fell back in love with sewing. 


 From then on my passion grew and so did my family. Fast forward a couple years and now I'm a mom to 3 children. Two girls and a boy. 

I enjoy being a small business owner and stay at home mom. I'm lucky to be able to share the clothing I love to make, with anyone with internet access. Whether your family is large or small, I am honored that you have taken the time to view my work and I look forward to dressing your little ones as they grow.