My Modern Day Thanksgiving

My Modern Day Thanksgiving

My Modern Day Thanksgiving

When I was younger Thanksgiving felt very different. It looked like a picture perfect gathering of me and my extended family and at the time we had so many common interests, similar opinions and ways of living - it felt easy and warm to be embraced by one another’s acceptance. But here we are in 2021, not so picture perfect anymore - as I watch us all tiptoe around one another in hopes of not stepping on the eggshell that will expose our polarizing lifestyles and perspectives. It’s so easy to get caught up in the context of life, the little details that give us the illusion that we are all separate from one another, that we forget why we’re even here. To create, to learn and to connect. 

My intentions and thoughts on Thanksgiving have changed throughout the years but the foundation remains the same - to actively show and express my gratitude for one another and for what I have. For some, this is a much harder feat than others. Within the past couple of years - I’ve seen friends become homeless, I’ve witnessed the pandemic that is our mental health crisis skyrocket, I’ve watched people lose and then gain, and then lose again. Everyone has a completely different story with a reality that has shaped them into entirely different beings. But wherever you are in life I challenge you to do these three things this Thanksgiving.

Challenge #1: Spend 15 minutes with just yourself and be as intentional as you can. As if you were giving the love of your life a warm embrace - do the same to yourself. Go out at night and look up at the stars - and for a moment let it set in that as expansive and grand our world is.. you are too. Showing gratitude to one’s self IS medicine to the soul.

Challenge #2: Engage in a tradition, new or old. For some, that can be donating to a local charity. It could be starting a Thanksgiving game night, sharing what you’re grateful for, making some food, painting some rocks.. Anything really. But your intentions are what make holidays and events become happy memories. Experiences are what we’ll remember when we’re old.

Challenge #3: Show someone, anyone, that you’re happy they exist in whatever way you feel comfortable to. If words aren’t your thing, SHOW them.. take out their trash, help the old lady in the store carry her groceries, give someone a hug. The smallest encounters can have the biggest impact.

If you do participate in this challenge, please leave a comment. I would love to know how your holiday goes. Sending you all my love! Happy Holidays everybody.

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